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If celebrity endorsements were delegates, who would win the Democratic nomination?

With their huge followings, the celebrity endorsement is now the best way for a candidate to connect with the people. Maybe someday it will even supplant the Electoral College. But until the Kanye 2020 revolution, we’ll have to make do with a definitive ranking of Bernie and Hillary’s celebrity delegates (cele-gates).

Hillary’s Cele-gates

Uzo Aduba (+10)
Clay Aiken (-10)
Kat Dennings (0)
Lena Dunham (+5)
Jesse Tyler Ferguson (+2)
Will Ferrell (+5 for the Bernie Bros he’s bringing with)
America Ferrera (+5)
Ellie Goulding (+2)
Ariana Grande (+5)
Abbi Jacobson (+10)
Magic Johnson (+3)
Jon Bon Jovi (+2)
Carole King (+3)
Diane Kruger (+1)
Padma Lakshmi (+0)
Kate McKinnon (+2)
Ja Rule (+10 for the ‘90s vote)
Jennifer Lopez (+10)
Ne-yo (+3)
Josh Peck (-5)
Amy Poehler (+10)
RuPaul (+10)
Snoop Dogg (+7)
Waka Flocka Flame (+1)
Kerry Washington (and the cast of Scandal) (+15)
Shonda Rhimes (+20 [super cele-gate])
Olivia Wilde (+3)
Jeffrey Wright (+1)

Total: 130

Bernie’s Cele-gates

Danny DeVito (+15)
Dave Matthews (-20)
Jeremy Piven (-20)
Red Hot Chili Peppers (collectively) (+20 [super cele-gates])
John C. Reilly (+3)
Ronda Rousey (+5)
Mark Ruffalo (+10)
Sarah Silverman (+10)
George Wendt (+1)
Neil Young (+10)
Lucinda Williams (+5)
Cornel West (+10)
Jeff Tweedy (+5)
Susan Sarandon (+5 for the dad vote)
Killer Mike (+10)
Bonnie Raitt (+3)
Patton Oswalt (+0)
Adam McKay (+5, more if he gets an Oscar)
Margaret Cho (+3)
Calle 13 (+5)
Spike Lee (+10)

Total: 95

And the winner is: Hillary. Thanks to Will Ferrell’s defection and the incredible amount of bros he contributes, Clinton is the clear winner.