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Rudy Giuliani says he’ll vote for Donald Trump, then totally ruins Trump’s negotiation strategy.

Matt Campbell/Getty

The neoconservative realdoll and former mayor of New York City told the New York Post that he’ll vote for Trump in New York’s Republican primary, but stopped short of a formal endorsement. “I support Trump. I’m gonna vote for Trump,” he said.  

Speaking to the New York Times, Giuliani admitted that he “didn’t like” Trump’s retweet of a sexist picture comparing his wife to Ted Cruz’s. But he said Trump’s personality—the biggest source of his appeal to voters—is different when he’s off-camera or offstage. “The man that I know is not the man you see on television. He’s a gentleman, he’s a good father.”

Giuliani also undermined Trump’s entire negotiation strategy, at least when it comes to NATO. While Trump’s vision of foreign and domestic politics as a series of zero-sum deals has won over some voters and terrified many abroad, Giuliani essentially admitted that Trump is bluffing. “Trump is a negotiator. He negotiates from a high bar to get people’s attention. Threatening to withdraw from NATO will get a better deal with NATO.” You hear that NATO? Trump’s only saying he’ll leave to get a better deal. Call his bluff.