The Trump campaign just released the saddest video ever to defend Trump University.

This week’s hottest reading materials are the unsealed court documents from a lawsuit brought against Trump University by former “students” who allege that the whole operation was a complete sham designed to separate middle- and working-class Americans from their money.

Donald Trump’s defense has largely consisted of attacking the Indiana-born judge as “a Mexican” and a “hater.” But on Wednesday, his campaign finally published what amounts to a direct response to critics: a three-minute video featuring three former students offering testimonials in defense of Trump University.

It should surprise no one that all three are connected in some way to Trump. One is the founder of a bottled water company that has partnered with Trump. Another is the mother of a budding, college-aged entrepreneur who wrote a book as a teenager that earned an endorsement from Trump himself. The final alumnus is the CEO of a security firm in California who, like Trump, attended Wharton.