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Donald Trump and Morning Joe is daytime TV’s worst on-again, off-again romance.

Despite being only four days long, this has been a very bad week for Donald Trump. Over the last three days, Trump University was revealed as a scam, Trump’s fundraiser for veterans was revealed as a sham, and Hillary Clinton delivered a speech portraying him as a con man who would usher in the Apocalypse. Last night, for good measure, Trump made race-baiting remarks about the Mexican-American judge in charge of the Trump University case, and one of his rallies in San Jose was marred by violent protests. So what is Trump tweeting about? Why, Morning Joe, of course!

The relationship has been rocky for most of this election cycle. Most recently, in early May, Trump said he wouldn’t do the show anymore after its hosts, Joe “Morning Joe” Scarbrough and Mika “Morning Joe” Brzezinski, criticized him for saying that Hillary Clinton “enabled” Bill Clinton’s philandering. Two weeks later, Trump was back on, as if nothing happened. Now things are bad again, apparently.

Scarbrough and Brzezinski are both clearly in awe of Trump, in a way that’s both deeply funny and a little gross. But they also play journalists on TV, so criticism happens—Trump is presumably responding to Brzezinski’s praise for Clinton’s speech (or possibly to her telling Paul Ryan that he “sold out” by endorsing Trump). Something tells me these crazy kids will work this thing out—and they better, if Trump wants to get added to the mural.