Watch literally everyone on CNN own Jeffrey Lord over and over again for 20 minutes.

Some of the best television of 2016 has been the discussions about race between Van Jones and Jeffrey Lord, alt-right Trump supporter, on CNN. Tonight was perhaps the longest discussion yet, this time about Trump’s racist comments about the American judge of Mexican ancestry overseeing a class action lawsuit against Trump University. It involved Lord’s favorite topic—Actually, Let’s Talk About Who The Real Racists Are—and everyone on the panel participated. It was absolutely transfixing.

Lord was trapped in a corner almost immediately. He admitted that what Trump did was racist, but still argued that Trump did what he did to bring out the actual racists, who are left-wing anti-racists. He then spent more than 20 minutes being systematically dismantled by everyone on CNN, which meant that eight different people jumped in to tell Jeffrey Lord he was an idiot. It was a truly beautiful television segment. You can watch most of it below.