Alex Wong/Getty

Bernie Sanders will drop out of the race, but not today. (Or this week.)

Sanders has long said that he plans to compete in Washington, D.C.’s primary on Tuesday, so it’s no surprise that he didn’t drop out today, even though he did meet with President Obama who presumably encouraged him to do just that. But there were many signs that he’s planning to drop out soon.

Speaking to the press after the meeting with Obama, Sanders indicated that he will meet with Clinton to discuss the best way to defeat Trump, suggesting that he will continue to play a role during the general election and that, at the very least, he’s willing to be an attack dog, if not a full-blown surrogate. Similarly, Sanders said that he will “bring issues” to the convention but not his candidacy, indicating that he’ll use his influence to make changes to the party’s platform, not to make a quixotic bid for the nomination. Sanders didn’t say what Obama and he talked about though, but since nothing fundamentally changed, there’s a good bet they spent the hour discussing whether or not the Cleveland Cavaliers should start Kevin Love in Game Four of the NBA Finals.