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People really don’t like Donald Trump.

Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty

A Washington Post-ABC News poll has Trump and Hillary Clinton both hitting their lowest favorability point in the 2016 contest. For Trump, that means that 70 percent of the country has an unfavorable opinion of him—the highest mark since he began running for president a year ago. Only 29 percent of Americans have favorable opinions of him; meanwhile, 89 percent of Hispanics and 94 percent of blacks dislike Trump.

Clinton’s numbers are better, but only when compared to Trump’s. Fifty-five percent of Americans have unfavorable opinions of her, the highest number ever for Clinton. Only 43 percent of Americans have a favorable view of her. There is good news beyond being less hated than Donald Trump, however. Clinton’s numbers have not really changed in the last month or so, which suggests that she has yet to receive the post-primary bump that many expect will happen when Bernie Sanders drops out of the race.