Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Would Donald Trump have to sell a golf course to self-fund his campaign? A casino?

He needs some $100 million to $200 million of his own money to compete with Hillary Clinton, according to a Jeb Bush confidante interviewed by the Times. But does Trump have the cash on hand? Ed Rollins, speaking to The Washington Post, suggests he might not.

Trump is “now looking into the abyss,” said Ed Rollins, the top strategist for Great America PAC, a pro-Trump super PAC. “He can either start writing checks and selling some buildings and golf courses or get on the phones and talk to donors.”

Trump finds himself in a nightmare scenario. He is so far behind Clinton in the fundraising race that the fate of his campaign may hinge on his wealth—a very sensitive situation for a man whose whole self-worth is based on money, but who is probably not as rich as he says he is. Real gazillionaires like Mark Cuban are already needling him on this score: Why not just cut your campaign a check for $200 million?