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Is Bernie dropping his demands for free college and the $15 minimum wage?

Sanders, who’s on something of a reverse victory tour at the moment, has an op-ed in this morning’s Washington Post, “What We Want,” that lays out what he and his supporters want. And what do they want? If you’ve paid attention this election cycle, you’ll recognize the following:

  • An economy that protects the human needs and dignity of all people, not just millionaires and billionaires.
  • Campaign finance reform and the overturning of Citizens United.
  • The end of voter suppression.
  • Prison reform, the decriminalization of marijuana, the end of mandatory minimum sentences, and the demilitarization of police.
  • A carbon tax, a fracking ban, and an investment in energy efficiency and sustainable energy.

Those are all important issues. But two of Sanders’s main election issues are missing: free college and the $15 minimum wage. Both come under the umbrella of other areas—Sanders discusses fixing our failing schools and ending income inequality—but they aren’t explicitly laid out, which is surprising. It’s possible that space was too tight to include them, but it sure looks like a signal of Sanders’s pre-convention priorities.