Chip Somodevilla/Getty

Bob Corker tells Trump he won’t pick up his McDonald’s.

Trump’s VP shortlist keeps getting shorter. That’s not necessarily because Trump is coming closer to a decision though. It’s because people keep asking not to be considered for the position.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker is the latest Republican to bow out of consideration. He introduced Trump on Tuesday night, and was then forced to listen to him praise Saddam Hussein. “There are people far more suited for being a candidate for vice president, and I think I’m far more suited for other types of things,” Corker told The Washington Post. “At age 63, I know the things I’m good at doing and knowing what a candidate for vice president has to do. It’s just not the right thing for me, and I don’t think it’s the right thing for them.”

Corker would have added foreign policy heft to the ticket, but Trump will have to look elsewhere for the government and policy experience that he sorely lacks. Trump is expected to announce his vice presidential pick by July 15. Leading candidates include his butler Chris Christie, human whiskey barrel Newt Gingrich, Alabama gollum Jeff Sessions, bad guy from Head of State Mike Pence, warmongering doofus Tom Cotton, friend of Wayne Coyne Mary Fallin, and pig-castrator Jodi Ernst.