The hottest new social network is: Pokémon Go.

According to Digital Vision, the franchise’s new app has nearly as many Android daily active users as Twitter and has been installed more times than Tinder. When it comes to the daily time that users spend on the app, Pokémon Go surpasses both Instagram and Snapchat. Currently, it’s the top free app in the Apple store.

For the highly-functioning, normal and successful people who haven’t (yet) played Pokémon Go, this news might come as a surprise. But for those of us nerds who have been anxiously awaiting the game since the trailer came out last September, it makes total sense. Why spend time in a world where you swipe right on Martin Shkreli when instead, you can swipe up and catch A BULBASAUR?

Technically, there isn’t a lot of player-to-player interaction on the app itself, but all you need to do is walk outside to link up with other people playing Pokémon Go.

Who knows, you just might find yourself making new friends (like robbers) or having some new experiences (like finding dead bodies)!