Andrew Burton / Getty

The full story of Bernie Sanders’s 2016 campaign will come out a week after election day.

Thomas Dunne Books told the The Associated Press on Thursday that they will publish Sanders’s book, Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In, on November 15. The book’s scheduled release date is conveniently one week after election day. “[The book] will be an inside account of this extraordinary campaign, and will also provide a blueprint for future political action. Its message: the fight has just begun,Dunne said in a statement. While presidential campaigns books are very common, it seems Bernie has wasted no time securing a deal just two days after he finally endorsed Clinton.

Sanders offered his full-throated endorsement to Clinton on Tuesday in a half-hour-long speech. After a year-long, surprisingly intense primary, Bernie drew out massive crowds of young Democrat and independent voters and advanced his progressive agenda to not only shift the Democratic Party, but also the conversation in American politics. Although Tuesday’s speech emphasized the need for compromise and Hillary’s more leftist stance because of Bernie’s challenges, this book could reveal Sanders’s true feelings toward his original opponent—or it could stay on message and refuse to dish or get dirty, as Sanders has for much of the last year.