Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Today’s RNC theme is actually “Make America Scared Again.”

The official theme is “Make America Safe Again,” but former Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell (of Lone Survivor fame) delivered a dark message on Monday night at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. “The world outside our borders is a dark place, a scary place,” he said. “America is the light and her people are the goodness that grows from that. She’ll always be worth fighting for.”

Luttrell, a member of Generation X, also challenged millennials: “To the next generation: this is for you. Your war is here. You don’t have to go searching for it. Your people are afraid,” he said. “Who among you will step up and take the fight to the enemy? Because it’s here.”

Some people in the convention hall reportedly were moved to by Luttrell’s speech.

Some people on Twitter were moved in other ways.