Lars Baron/Getty Images

Could the Russian team be banned from the Rio Olympics?

It’s certainly looking more likely following the publication of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s report, which accused the Russian government of falsifying the test results of a least 500 athletes across 30 different sports. In response, Russian president Vladimir Putin warned that another Sports Cold War was imminent, “The Olympic movement, which plays a colossal unifying role for humanity, could again wind up on the edge of schism.”

It’s unclear if Putin knew anything about the cover-up, which went all the way up to the Russian sports ministry, the Centre of Sports Preparation of National Teams of Russia, and the FSB security service. The report accused the Russian government of aiding the doping cover up through a process called “the Disappearing Positive Methodology.” Any positive results would be brought to the attention of the Russian deputy sports minister, at which point a decision would be made to either “save” the test by falsifying the results or “quarantine” the athlete.

Following what was Russia’s worst showing ever at the Vancouver Olympics, Putin told his subordinates, “You go into the Games not just to sweat, but to win.” It seems they really did not want to let him down.