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Will Hillary be able to hold her own tonight?

Win McNamee/Getty Images

So far, the DNC’s main problem has been a glut of VIPs: vice-presidents, first spouses, ex-presidents, the president. Even the loudest voices on the left wing, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, have gone to bat for Clinton. And the quality of the speakers is so high that, next to Michelle and Barack, even famed orator Bill Clinton really just falls somewhere in the middle. The progression of the convention was meticulously orchestrated: First, appease the progressives. Next, get Bill to go back in history to humanize his wife. Then, have Barack lay the groundwork of what still needs to be done. Tonight will be Hillary’s moment to take the stage and bring it all home.

Unlike Donald Trump, who could barely get anyone to say something good about him at his own convention, Hillary has some tough acts to follow. In comparison to naturals like Barack and Bill, public speaking is not Clinton’s strongest suit, even if she’s definitely had her moments. The question will be whether tonight, probably the most important night of her political life thus far, will be one of those moments.