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Joe Scarborough and his “girlfriend” Mika Brzezinski are learning the hard way that there’s no playing with Trump.

Remember Trump’s pseudo-apology last week, for having offended people and caused pain? Well, starting last night he got his smartphone back, and let loose some serious personal insults at his on-again, off-again friends at Morning Joe:

And he continued this morning:

The hosts of Morning Joe have only brought this upon themselves. In exchange for access, they happily hosted many of the candidate’s unconventional phone-in interviews and threw him softball questions, earning accusations that they were among Trump’s media enablers. (Though, in fairness, any sins that Joe committed pale in comparison to those of Sean Hannity.) When they tried to criticize Trump, he turned on them, only for the two sides to patch things up and begin the cycle anew.

That relationship, such as it was, now appears to be definitively over. And Trump is ready to air as much supposed dirty laundry as he wants. It is about a clear a warning about the dangers of dealing with Trump as any you’ll find.