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Please don’t make Nazis the new fashion darlings of D.C.

The Washington Post/Getty Images

There has been justifiable outrage Monday over The Los Angeles Times story, “White nationalists dress up and come to Washington in hopes of influencing Trump.” The piece recounts a Washington, D.C., conference Saturday for alt-right activists intent on the United States becoming a white ethno-state, but it had the feel of a fluffy feature, preoccupied with attendee fashion choices and complete with an apparently posed photo of movement leader Richard Spencer looking stylish in dark sunglasses.

Naturally, it didn’t go over well:

This wasn’t the first time a media outlet has focused on Spencer’s fashion either. Mother Jones tweeted out this headline earlier this month.

The frightening truth is, with the election of Donald Trump, Neo-Nazis feel like they’ve gotten a foothold in America’s political mainstream. These kinds of pieces will only encourage that view.