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Failed businesswoman impressed by shoe.

Carly Fiorina is reportedly in the running to be Donald Trump’s director of national intelligence, despite having no intelligence or foreign policy experience. And despite criticizing Trump’s good buddy Vladimir Putin, whom she described as a “bad actor” and “someone we should not talk to,” and despite being the recipient of Trump’s sexist attacks—“Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?”—Fiorina not only emerged impressed from a meeting with Trump at Trump Tower, but also towed the line on the alleged Russian hacks. “We talked about hacking. Whether it’s Chinese hacking or purported Russian hacking,” she said. “We talked about the opportunity the president has to literally reset things.”

It’s possible that Fiorina is falling for the same trap that Mitt Romney, another prominent critic of Trump, fell for. Perhaps Trump is bringing her around so she can publicly kiss the ring before being summarily humiliated. But she did get something out of it. “He has really cool stuff in his office,” Fiorina said, echoing exactly what I would say if I walked into Donald Trump’s office at age eight. “All of these athletes have given him this really cool memorabilia. I was particularly taken by Shaq O’Neal’s shoe, which is huge. I guess it takes a champion to know a champion.”

This is an incredible string of sentences. But it ultimately provides more questions than answers. Was she expecting that the shoe of a man who is 7 feet 3 inches tall wouldn’t be huge? Also who is this “Shock O’Neal” that Fiorina speaks of? Has Carly Fiorina ever seen a sporting event of any kind?