Donald Trump’s next cabinet pick might be a legitimately interesting person: an erotica author.

Former Texas Controller Susan Combs, who “has pushed nutrition policies that would please Michelle Obama, backed President-elect Donald Trump’s rivals and written an erotic novel,” is currently under consideration for agriculture secretary, reports Politico.

In 1990, Combs published a romance novel called A Perfect Match. That an adult woman had expressed her sexuality by writing in a public forum, in a manner that was neither illegal or demeaning to others, was portrayed as scandalous by her Democratic opponent in the 2006 comptroller’s race. “We call it two-faced up here where I live,” Fred Head told The Washington Post. “She’s not who she says she is.”

“The now-out-of-print novel,” the Post wrote, “pairs government code-breaker Emily Brown with Ross Harding, a spy assigned to protect her after she intercepts a message that endangers her life. Our heroine is ‘a freckle-faced brunette’ who is drawn to ‘the gray-eyed bodyguard’ and his ‘powerful, strong arms.’” Given that description, the prose is exactly what you’d expect:

Rose gave a quick tug and her pajama bottoms slid away with a quiet rustle. Suddenly she was bare. He thrust his leg between hers and a deep heaviness throbbed in her belly. He was hard, pressing against her, and she moaned.

She needed him to fill the aching void at her center.

With the year we’ve had, Susan, I hear you. [Raises glass of chardonnay.]