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Chris Christie would be a much better talk show host than he is a governor.

Pool/Getty Images

2016 was disastrous for the New Jersey Republican, a once-promising White House hopeful who got no traction in this year’s campaign, reached record unpopularity at home, and suffered unending humiliation at the hands of Donald Trump. Despite his unyielding loyalty to the president-elect, Christie was ousted from Trump’s inner circle and has thus far been denied a cabinet nomination or White House appointment.

Time for Plan B. The New York Times reports Tuesday that Christie might follow in the footsteps of so many failed Republican presidential candidates before him: “He has spent several mornings guest hosting a New York sports radio show, prompting speculation that he is auditioning for a more permanent role should the Trump administration not come knocking.”

This would be a natural fit for the governor. He already has talk-radio experience, thanks to his monthly, headline-generating “Ask the Governor” segment. He’s also one of the most gifted storytellers in the Republican Party. He rose to national prominence on the strength of his compelling made-for-YouTube town hall performances, combining his tough-guy takedowns of political opponents—those greedy public school teachers!—with moving tales that combined the personal and the political.

Of course, Christie’s gift of gab has led to more than a few lies. In politics, that can cause headaches. But in conservative talk radio in the Trump era, being a loudmouth liar is practically a job requirement.