Drew Angerer/Getty Images

If Hope Hicks can’t survive the White House, can anyone?

Hicks, one of a handful of campaign aides to have stuck with Donald Trump through his first tumultuous year in the White House, has resigned. In a departure from previous resignations, her soon-to-be-former colleagues expressed sorrow at her departure.

For years, Hicks has been portrayed as a rare stabilizing force on Trump’s team. Her departure only underscores the peculiar challenges of serving in this administration, which has undergone an unprecedented amount of turnover in its short life. As a public relations professional, her job—her one job—was to spin the Trump administration’s straw into gold. She was unable to do that, and has instead become mired in scandal herself.

Trump reportedly believed that Hicks had prioritized her own romantic relationship with Rob Porter in directing the White House’s response to the Porter scandal. CNN also reported on Wednesday that Trump “berated” her after she admitted telling “white lies” for him during a House hearing into the Russia controversy. As Anne Helen Peterson recently wrote for Buzzfeed, “Trump looks at Hicks, much as he looks at Ivanka, and sees the kind of woman who would serve the classy, respected man he believes himself to be.” It turns out Hicks wasn’t quite that woman, and it’s unclear anyone could be.