Carl Court / Getty Images

Ivanka Trump is still making money from the Trump Organization.

According to her financial disclosure form filed last year, the First Daughter and “unpaid” senior White House adviser never cut ties with the sprawling Trump Organization, which her brothers now run. As a result, she made $1.5 million a year in payment beginning in 2017.

McClatchy reports:

According to the 98-page financial disclosure report, Ivanka Trump was to receive these lump-sums from three Delaware incorporated companies, all affiliated with the Trump Organization. They are: $800,000 from TTT Consulting and $600,000 from TTTT Venture, both for consulting, licensing and management of real estate properties; and $100,000 from T International Realty for consulting work for the luxury real estate brokerage company.

Ivanka Trump also retains an interest in Ivanka Opo Hotel Manager LLC, which includes the Washington hotel project that she spearheaded before joining the White House. The hotel, which includes an Ivanka Trump branded spa, has quickly become a popular meeting place for Republican and conservative groups in the nation’s capital. The report does not indicate how much she will receive from the hotel.

McClatchy also notes that these organizations have recently come under fire for possible legal and ethical violations relating to their business contracts abroad. A spokesperson for Ivanka’s attorney told McClatchy that she was “merely a passive investor.”

These potential conflicts of interest are especially troubling as she engages in diplomatic talks on behalf of the U.S., further blurring her various overlapping roles in Trumpland. Last July, Ivanka, who only has interim security clearance, sat in place of her father at the G-20 Summit, and earlier this year, she travelled to the Winter Olympics to discuss economic sanctions against North Korea with South Korean President Moon Jae-in.