Subscriber Services

To manage the details of your New Republic subscriber account, sign in and click on your username. Here you can renew and upgrade your subscription, change your login information, change your print delivery address, and more.

To speak with a customer service representative please dial (800) 827-1289. Our representatives are available between the hours of 8am and 11pm ET Monday through Friday and between 9:30am and 6pm ET on Saturdays. Outside of the U.S., please call +1 (515) 237-3641. You may also email Please include your account number in your correspondence.

Important Message to our subscribers about unapproved agency solicitations: It is has come to our attention that several of our subscribers have received renewal notifications by phone and postal mail from agencies that are not authorized to sell or renew subscriptions on behalf of the New Republic. We apologize for any frustration this has caused. Below is a list of agencies not authorized to sell or renew subscriptions on our behalf. This list is not exhaustive, it includes only known violators.

  • Customer Access Service
  • Increase Publications
  • Mags4Cheap
  • Magazine Network
  • Magazine Billing Network
  • Magazine Readers Service Center
  • Magazine Solutions (also listed as 'New Magazine Solutions' and 'Your Magazine Solutions')
  • Magazine Subscription Center
  • National Magazine Services
  • PolySpring
  • Publishers Billing Association
  • Publishers Billing Exchange
  • Publishers Billing Center
  • Readers Resource Solution
  • Union Digest
  • US Periodicals

We strongly recommend against sharing any financial information with these agencies. If you ordered your subscription through an agent instead of directly from the New Republic, that agent may have renewal access. If you have questions about approved or unapproved agencies, please contact our subscriber services department at

The safest way to renew your subscription is by enrolling in Continuous Service. You will know that your subscription will always renew directly through the New Republic. You can find out more by visiting or by contacting subscriber services by phone. If you receive a renewal notice and are unsure of its authentic­ity, please call our subscriber services de­partment at (800) 827-1289.