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This Video of a Mobbed Subway Station in Brazil Should Frighten World Cup Fans

Brazilian daily Folha de S.Paulo on Wednesday posted this frightening video of an overcrowded Metro station in São Paulo, where bus drivers went on strike Tuesday to protest the terms of their union's deal with management. At least 300,000 commuters have been affected, but probably none more than several women in this video. One woman appears to faint as the crowd surges toward an escalator, and at last two others are trapped between ascending and descending escalators. Remember this the next time you consider whining on Twitter about a 10-minute delay in your subway commute.

Nota bene: 300,000 also happens to be the number of foreigners expected to visit Brazil for the World Cup in June and July. The sport of soccer/football/futebol has seen far too many scenes like the one here:

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