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The New Republic launches “The Next Republic”


Washington, D.C.—The New Republic kicks off its 100-Year celebration this week with The Next Republic, a six-month editorial series featuring articles, videos, interactive features, and sponsored content. Supported by Credit Suisse and led by Deputy Editor Amanda Silverman, The Next Republic will focus on key issues shaping the next century. The series will look at ways society, culture, and the economy will impact the way we live, work, and interact over the course of the next 100 years.

"We're especially excited about Credit Suisse supporting The Next Republic because it gives us the ability to produce even more high-quality journalism and reporting on topics that our readers are passionate about,” said Bob Brennan, Director of Sales and Strategic Partnerships at The New Republic. “Credit Suisse cares about what is going to happen in society culturally over the next century. This partnership is a natural fit and we're proud to be working with Credit Suisse to bring this series to our readers."

To kick off the series, we will look at the future of work. The interconnectivity of today’s world, brought about by the new technology of the Digital Age, has radically impacted jobs, office culture, and even the way we work. “From Juliet Lapidos’ assessment of why our offices make us so miserable to Ben Crair’s definitive take on intraoffice gchat and gossip, the future of work is an important and popular topic area with our readers,” said Silverman. “Thanks to Credit Suisse, we’re able to expand this coverage.”

Please read the introduction to the first installment in the series, “The Future of Work,” here. Stay tuned to for more from The Next Republic series over the next six months.
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