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Fare thee well, Rodham.

Lee Balterman/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images

On Monday, the Associated Press’s style overlords handed down their latest directive: the wire service will no longer include Hillary Clinton’s maiden name when writing about her.

Until now, she was called Hillary Rodham Clinton on first reference. As the AP’s Lauren Easton notes, the style guide editors generally defer to the individual in question. And until this election cycle, Clinton herself used Rodham on official documents or when authoring her books.

Her campaign told the AP that it is shying away from the use of Rodham. But reminders of her maiden name abound: On social media, the campaign’s custom URL shortener uses as the domain, and on Twitter “HRC” pops up in hashtags all over the place. 

The AP’s official style guide is used in many newsrooms across the country, but it is not alone in making the change. The Washington Post and others have similarly adapted to the campaign’s style. And The New York Times, which has its own in-house style guide, also announced on Monday it is dropping Rodham