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Mass shooting reported in San Bernardino, California.

Update (5:18 p.m.): For the latest from San Bernardino, go here.

The San Bernardino Fire Department is responding to a 20-victim shooting in the city.

Multiple fatalities have been confirmed. The city police department says it is responding to reports of an active shooter. Reports of multiple shooters are unconfirmed, but a local FOX affiliate says “officers are currently searching for three white males dressed in military gear.” Multiple outlets are reporting that police are currently searching for a black Yukon SUV that may be connected to the shooting. No one is currently in custody. 

Multiple reports indicate that the shooting took place near the Inland Regional Center, which provides services for “individuals with developmental disabilities in Riverside and San Bernardino counties,” according to its Facebook page. According to the Los Angeles Times’s Rick Serrano, a shooter or shooters “opened fire at a meeting or party” taking place in a conference room and that officials “think the group renting a meeting room at the health center may have been targeted, and not the [building] itself.” According to Serrano, “The group that may have been targeted was there for a gathering of San Bernardino county employees.” 

This is a breaking news update, stay tuned for more details.