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Do 30 percent of Republican primary voters support bombing an imaginary Disney country?


So reveals a new survey from Public Policy Polling, a firm specialized in political polling. 

The Disney hawks, says PPP, tend to line up with Trump.

The full results of the survey PPP extracted these findings from are available on the organization’s website. While the imminent peril of Aladdin’s homeland is entertaining, several results from the same survey were less farcical and more disturbing. 

PPP found, for instance, that 54 percent of respondents favor banning Muslims from entering the United States; 36 percent still believe that “thousands of Arabs” cheered in Jersey after 9/11; and 46 percent favor a national database tracking all American Muslims. On the other hand, 53 percent said Islam should remain legal (compared to 26 percent who said it should be illegal), and 47 percent oppose shutting down mosques, while only 28 percent support the policy. 

The takeaway: things are grim but could be worse, and in the event of a Trump victory, Aladdin and Jasmine are doomed.