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Politicians are trying to co-opt Star Wars and the results are super lame.

Practically everything that could be remotely considered a “brand” has been shamelessly and opportunistically cashing in on the craze over the first Star Wars movie in a decade (and the first good Star Wars movie in 35 years). But America’s politicians—even those not running for office—are being especially shameless and opportunistic. They’re also being especially inept. 

The Clinton campaign posted its entry, 2015 in Republican politics, as explained by Star Wars,” on its BuzzFeed ripoff site. “Explained” is probably too strong award—illustrated is better, though even that is lacking. None of the entries have anything to do with Star Wars. The text accompanying the above gif of R2D2 falling on his droid face is about Chris Christie trying to block child refugees. 

Can you imagine being one of the interns who had to dress up like stormtroopers at today’s press briefing? (Actually, that would probably be pretty cool—something this photo op isn’t.) 

Speaking to Business Insider about the new movie, Jeb! weirdly comes out on top in the race to claim Star Wars (the man loves space), but he also hopes the new film will embrace “subtlety,” which sounds pretty lame. 

Marco Rubio isn’t responsible for this Star Wars mashup, but it still sucks. 

But the title of “worst attempt to co-opt Star Wars” easily goes to Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey, who has been ineptly altering the titles of the seven films to reflect his own political biography: 

One like. And that’s one of the better ones! 

This is a good tweet though: