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Richard Linklater’s new film looks like it should be called Brohood.

Even after Boyhood’s smash commercial and critical success, Dazed and Confused, the movie that launched a (hundred) thousand yearbook quotes, is still probably Linklater’s most beloved film. Everybody Wants Some is being billed as a companion piece to that movie—you loved Linklater doing the ‘70s, so you’ll love him when he does the ‘80s!—but it feels, well, a tad bro-ier than Dazed and Confused, with all the Van Halen and ripped dudes with sweet ‘staches getting hit in the nads with baseballs and pyramids of cans in the pale moonlight. 

Of course, this is a Linklater movie, so when “deceptively smart” flashes across the screen, I’m tempted to believe. And anyway, nothing in this seems as raunchy as Matthew McConaughey’s white jeans.