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According to Republicans, the people trying to secure voting rights for minorities are the real racists.

Here’s how Ted Cruz attacked Hillary Clinton for criticizing the state of Alabama’s decision to shutter 31 DMV offices, after instituting a voter ID requirement:

Frankly, it’s a bigotry from the Democrats. They look down on the Southern states like we’re a bunch of hicks. Look, I’m from Texas and Hillary Clinton is not a big fan of my state either. We don’t need more politicians from Washington looking down on us like a fly-over company. We’ve had seven years of a president who looks down on the American people. Hillary Clinton thinks we’re just a bunch of ignorant rubes, and we need to be governed by what she deems as moral and philosophical betters. I think that’s complete nonsense. I believe in the American people.”

I should note as a caveat that the people trying to make it impossible for poor minorities to vote may just be suffering from a severe case of economic anxiety.