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Blood gushes down the elevator doors of a Carnival cruise ship as a worker is killed on the job.

AFP / Getty Images

Passengers captured horrifying video of blood cascading down a pair of parted elevator doors during a holiday trip. The clip, which is reminiscent of the iconic The Shining scene, is extremely graphic. Unfortunately, unlike The Shining, it is also extremely real. 

The source of the blood was 66-year-old worker Jose Sandoval Opazo, who served as an electrician aboard the ship. Carnival announced Wednesday that Opazo died following the incident, but did not explain the details of the accident or what the exact cause of death was.

The family who witnessed the incident say that Carnival has offered to pay for them to attend three counseling sessions. Meanwhile, Carnival maintains that a “full investigation” of the accident by “appropriate authorities” is underway.