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If you cross the Clintons, the punishment is exile in political Siberia.


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who managed Hillary Clinton’s 2000 Senate race, is finding this out the hard way, after his ill-advised attempt to establish himself as a power-broker in the Democratic primary. The New York Times previously noted that Clinton’s camp rejected his offer to be a campaign surrogate in Iowa, instead dispatching him to knock on doors and canvas like an 18-year-old volunteer, a task he is apparently eagerly embracing to get back in the Clintons’ good graces. 

But it’s even worse than that, according to Politico. De Blasio is wandering around West Des Moines, his “exact whereabouts” unknown, with no plans to appear at any of Hillary’s remaining campaign rallies. “That’s strange,” Bob Shrum told Politico. “You would think if he went halfway across the country, they would at least have him at one or two of the rallies.” Yes, you would think. But you would be wrong.