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The question isn’t, “Did Ben Carson see 13 Hours?” The question is, “How many times did Ben Carson see 13 Hours?”

(Official New Republic editorial policy requires that I refer to 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi as Beard Team Six, so I will do that for the remainder of this short post.)

A few weeks ago, I emailed all of the presidential candidates and asked one simple question: Are they going to see Michael Bay’s Benghazi movie Beard Team Six? Some got back to me, some did not. Ben Carson did not get back to me. 

But I think we can answer that question after tonight’s debate. Ben Carson not only saw Beard Team Six, Ben Carson saw the shit out of Beard Team Six

When asked to contrast himself with Hillary Clinton, Carson went straight to Benghazi and sounded a lot like he was describing scenes from Bay’s film. He said he’ll “never forget about Benghazi” and then stated what happened there: two men firing machine guns from a roof. This is literally a scene from Beard Team Six