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Intersection Episode 15: Hillary Clinton Gets Intersectional

Spotlighting the Flint crisis is only one way the Democratic frontrunner has shown signs of "getting it" on issues of identity.

Sarah Rice/Getty Images
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In the latest episode of Intersection, we continue our series examining the presidential candidates through the lens of identity. First Marco Rubio, then Ben Carson, then Donald Trump, and now: Hillary Clinton. How has the former Secretary of State’s approach to voters of color changed since her presidential bid in 2008? Will her policies be better or worse for America’s poor than Bernie Sanders’s? And how is she faring with women of different generations?

Georgetown professor and New Republic contributing editor Michael Eric Dyson joins the show to discuss Hillary Clinton’s evolution on issues of race. He also talks about his newest book, The Black Presidency: Barack Obama and the Politics of Race in America.

Then, we take an intersectional look at Clinton and the broader Democratic primary race with three guests: ThinkProgress economic policy editor Bryce CovertNew York Magazine writer (and New Republic alum) Rebecca Traister, and Roosevelt Institute fellow Dorian Warren.

Lastly, Jamil Smith makes a special announcement. Take a listen to find out.

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