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A pillow was found on top of Antonin Scalia’s face and the people want to know How It Got There.


After this damning piece of evidence was revealed, the conspiracy theorists got to work. Fusion has a pretty great round-up of these theories, which range from the standard conspiracies involving Obama and Clinton, to a reprise of the “Bush did 9/11” conspiracy, now featuring Scalia, who knew about it all along and had to be silenced. Of course, it may have just been aliens

When asked about possible foul play, Donald Trump noted that on top of the face is a “pretty unusual place to find a pillow.” His statements have provoked a backlash from the pillow-atop-the-face community on Twitter, who claim to utilize this method of sleeping. (It would have been much more unusual if the pillow was found, say, lodged in Scalia’s throat or tied around his neck.)

And, as some are pointing out, it seems unlikely that Obama, Clinton, or Bush did it, because they would probably have had enough foresight to hire an assassin who wouldn’t leave the murder weapon on top of the target’s face.

But maybe that’s what they want you to think.