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The Deadpool-ification of superhero movies has already begun.


Judging by reports from, Fox is anticipating—and presumably also pushing for—an R rating for the upcoming Wolverine 3, which means it will be hyper-violent and full of swears, like the f-word. (Whether Wolverine will totally not give a f and break the fourth wall all the time, imitating Deadpool’s attitude of “Hey, try and stop me from doing all these swears and not giving a f,” is an open question.) 

This news comes shortly after Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn published a very good open letter on Facebook imploring Hollywood executives to not learn the wrong lessons from Deadpool’s massive success. That success, Gunn argues, does not suggest that audiences want carbon copies of smash hits made over and over again until the formula crumbles into dust. Instead, it suggests that audiences want exactly the opposite—they hunger for inventive, interesting films, not the same old dreck. No one ever went broke underestimating the stupidity of the American public, but Gunn is implying that Hollywood could make a lot more money if it stopped doing exactly that. You can read Gunn’s letter in full below. 

"The film has a self-deprecating tone that’s riotous. It’s never been done before. It’s poking fun at Marvel. That label...

Posted by James Gunn on Monday, February 15, 2016

(H/T The AV Club)