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Mitt Romney probably could have taken Donald Trump.

The former candidate is earning some mockery for his claim yesterday that there is probably a “bombshell” in Trump’s tax returns, given that Romney himself was famously reluctant to divulge many details about his own taxes. This is what you call chutzpah.

But maybe a little chutzpah is precisely what’s needed in this race. Romney’s cheeky dig has clearly gotten under Trump’s skin:

While that’s nothing new, you have to imagine Romney is chuckling about it all rather than quaking in his immaculately polished dress shoes. There was a certain unflappability about Romney in 2012, who let numerous taunts slide off him as he demolished his Republican opponents one by one, both on the debate stage and on the airwaves. 

Jeb Bush, for one, not only let Trump get into his head, but made the mistake of trying to be tougher than him, which only resulted in Bush embarrassing himself. Sometimes the big dog proves his alpha status with a wink and a smirk. I can imagine Romney smirking at Trump right now, and the disdain is kind of devastating.