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Hillary Clinton is already looking past Super Tuesday—to when it’s safer to stack up the lobbyist cash.

According to The New York Times, Clinton is already the top recipient of lobbyist donations in either party. But as long as Bernie Sanders is still in the race and mathematically relevant, there are very real political constraints on her ability to court big money contributions. 

That’s probably why Clinton campaign chief John Podesta is waiting until March 21, three weeks after Super Tuesday and a week after the also-weighty March 15 contests, to host a big-wig fundraiser extravaganza on behalf of the Clinton Campaign Victory Fund. By that point, Clinton could have the nomination safely wrapped up. Among the invited guests are such prominent figures as Steve Elmendorf, Jeff Forbes, and Susan Brophy, who have represented JPMorgan Chase, Verizon, the NFL, and various energy and pharmaceutical interests, among others. Podesta’s brother, of course, is himself a corporate lobbyist and major Clinton bundler.

Sanders has been pushing Clinton to come out against the DNC’s recent decision to reverse the ban it placed on federal lobbying contributions at the urging of Barack Obama. But Clinton, it seems, would prefer to simply wait out the Bern.