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Is Donald Trump a moderate in wolf’s clothing?


It might seem like an odd question to pose about a guy who has drawn endorsements from the likes of David Duke, but no one invites as much speculation as to the billionaire’s extremist bona fides as the man himself. 

Speaking Monday night to Fox’s Sean Hannity, Trump claimed that, with regards to his immigration policy, “Everything—by the way, it is negotiable. Things are negotiable, I’ll be honest with you. You know, I make the wall two feet shorter or something. I mean everything is negotiable.” 

Trump assured Hannity the wall itself is non-negotiable, meaning it must fall outside the parameters of “everything.” Meanwhile, Trump suggested in a speech over the weekend that he wouldn’t necessarily be as politically incorrect as president as he is as a candidate. 

A woman asked me today [...] she said, I tell you, the one question they want to know, if you become president can you calm down your rhetoric? [...] she said that is the only thing, people love you, but they want to know as president can you calm it down?

I said to her, listen, I am really smart. I can do that, but right now I’m fighting all of these guys. All of them or most of them are lying about me. I have to be a little aggressive.

When I’m president I’m a different person. I can do anything. I can be the most politically correct person you have ever seen. 

Which Trump is the real one is anyone’s guess.