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Donald Trump is routing the competition. (Especially Marco Rubio.)


Trump is winning with everyone. Trump is winning with tall people and short people and with the poorly educated and the highly educated. That last point is perhaps the most surprising. Trump won Massachusetts, the most educated state in the country, by a landslide. He has also won Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia.

Ted Cruz has won in Texas and Oklahoma and he may sneak out of Super Tuesday with a win in Arkansas. Sunny John Kasich may eke out a victory over Trump in Vermont. But Marco Rubio, the savior of the GOP establishment and the man who was absolutely ascendant after scoring multiple hits on Trump at last Thursday’s debate, looks like he won’t win a single state. Rubio will come out saying, “Wait for Florida.” But Rubio is currently trailing Donald Trump by 19.5 points in the Sunshine State.

The jockeying for second may dominate the narrative over the next few days and weeks, but there’s really only one story coming out of Super Tuesday: Donald Trump is pretty much dominating the competition.