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Ted Cruz wins Texas, and Rubio may be in big trouble.

With only 3 percent of precincts reporting, The New York Times has Cruz up by 9 points, pulling in roughly 40 percent of the Texan Republican vote to Donad Trump’s 28. If these numbers hold, then Texas was, as expected, a good showing for Cruz. But his victory was hardly overwhelming, as one might have predicted based on his fundraising in the Lone Star state. 

According to exit polls, Cruz did especially well among very conservative voters (while Trump pulled moderates and somewhat-conservatives); white Evangelicals, but only about 47 percent; and voters concerned about immigration and government spending. 

Still, Trump pulled out a respectable night, and his success next to Cruz puts Rubio in a precarious position. Rubio will need more than 20 percent either statewide or in congressional districts to receive any delegates whatsoever. As of right now, that’s no certain thing:

The New York Times