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Donald Trump settles on another answer for why he refused to disavow the KKK: He thought Jake Tapper could have been talking about Jewish philanthropy.

Trump has spent several days doing damage control over his refusal to disavow the endorsement he received from former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke. Though his supporters appear not at all bothered by throwing their lot in with white supremacists, Trump has come up with a number of excuses for his misstep. First he told CNN’s Tapper he didn’t know anything about Duke. Then he blamed a malfunctioning earpiece. And on Thursday, he landed on another novel explanation: he thought Tapper could have been talking about Jewish philanthropic organizations.

“And the one question that was asked of me I guess on CNN, [Tapper] talked about ‘groups of people.’ And I don’t like to disavow groups if I don’t know who they are. I mean, you could have the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies in ‘groups.’”