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David Wain and Michael Showalter have made the perfect 1970s movie trailer.

The Wet Hot American Summer duo’s Second Sound Barrier stars Jeremy Sisto as Roger Valour as The Wild Card, Peter Mensah as Thelonias Courage as The Powerhouse, and Vincent Kartheiser as Roger Valour as The Artist, who come together to break the “second sound barrier” that will save Juliette Lewis as Lady Billionaire from ... something. (Ken Marino and Steve Little, who are always great, also show up.) The grainy trailer is essentially a mashup of The Six-Million Dollar Man, Three the Hard WaySmokey and the Bandit, and Showalter and Wain’s kitchen sink approach to absurdist comedy. It’s hilarious and it’s all in service of a movie that isn’t real—Wain told GQ that it’s “part of an advertisement campaign for designer Robert Graham’s first fragrance,” and The AV Club says that Catfish producers Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman are also involved, via their Supermarché imprint. Worse things have been made in the service of men’s fragrances.