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Poor Marco Rubio keeps getting punished for all the things Donald Trump is rewarded for.

Rubio was “visibly exasperated” in an interview with The Guardian on the eve of his likely loss to Trump in his homestate. “You have all kinds of people that are lifelong conservatives, or at least claim to be, who don’t seem to care that Donald Trump has never been and is not now a conservative on principles,” Rubio said. “And they’ve staked their reputation on their support of him.”

There might be more to Rubio’s complaint than a sincere concern for the long-term reputations of certain conservatives. Rubio was forced to abandon his own immigration reform bill after conservative outcry that it was amnesty. And here comes Donald Trump, whose had three positions on so many issues, winning the votes of conservatives and moderates alike. 

That Trump gets to play by a different set of rules has weighed heavily on Rubio. Asked about his attempt to use penis jokes against Trump by The New York Times’s Mark Leibovich, Rubio sounded ashamed. “This man has turned the most important election in a generation into a freak show. ... And I allowed myself to get pulled into a portion of that, even if it was just for one day. And it’s not who I am.” 

The once sunny, optimistic Rubio is now making cannibalism jokes. When it was suggested their airplane could crash miles from anyone into the desert, Rubio said, “We might have to start eating people if we land in the wrong place.”