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Not an April Fools’ joke: Donald Trump is trying to make nice with women.

Trump is trailing Ted Cruz four days before the Republican primary in Wisconsin, and Great America PAC—the outside group supporting the real estate mogul—has intervened to do damage control. It released a new television ad there Thursday. 

Concerned” features a Republican housewife explaining why she supports Donald Trump. 

“Sure, I get some grief when I say I’m voting for Donald Trump,” she says in the spot. “But you know what? I want to protect my family. Paris, San Bernardino, and now Brussels. I want a president who will keep us safe. We need to control our borders and stop letting in dangerous people. Trump will do that.” 

It makes sense that Great America would target married women: They vote Republican at far higher rates than unmarried women, a phenomenon known as the “marriage gap.” Still, the “Dump Trump” group Our Principles PAC has released some brutal videos that highlight Trump’s most egregiously sexist comments. After seeing those, even married Republican women may find it hard to support him. In Wisconsin, they may opt for a kinder, gentler alternative