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Primary Concerns Episode 11: The After-Bern Effect

What's next for Bernie Sanders and his movement?

John Sommers II/Getty Images

The results of this week’s East Coast primaries—in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Delaware—put us on a glide path towards a general election that will pit Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump.

Clinton won four of five contests on Tuesday, eliciting a concession of sorts from Bernie Sanders. But while Sanders might be more or less done as a candidate, his long-term impact on progressive politics is still coming into focus. Trump, meanwhile, won all five states, though the conservative movement continues to plot against him.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes joins the show to discuss Sanders’s next moves, the long-term future of progressive politics, and the Republican Party’s current quagmire. And BuzzFeed’s Evan McMorris-Santoro, host of the new political podcast No One Knows Anything, talks about his time on the trail with the Sanders campaign, and thinks about what might come next for the Senator and his movement.

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