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Is today the day Ted Cruz calls it quits?

Scott Olson/Getty Images

He’s expected to lose in Indiana, a must-win contest for a candidate who has to prove that Republican voters want an alternative to Donald Trump. He has already been mathematically eliminated from winning the primary with an outright majority of delegates, and his shadow campaign to win delegates on the convention floor is falling apart. His stunt to boost his chances in Indiana by prematurely announcing a vice presidential pick—which we can all agree is a pretty insane way to choose the person who would be a heartbeat away from the Oval Office—has apparently backfired. He has resorted to debating random Trump supporters on the street—and has come out, rather decisively, on the losing end.

If he had the backing of his colleagues in the Republican Party, perhaps he could soldier on. But his support within the GOP is notoriously soft. Everybody has always hated Ted, and today he might regret not having made a friend or two.