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Bernie Sanders wins the Indiana primary, but Hillary Clinton comes out unscathed.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

With the Democratic race still chugging along despite Clinton’s sizable delegate lead, the conversation ahead of Indiana covered familiar ground. The state is a fairly white, with a blue collar streak and an open primary. The same general description could be applied to to Michigan, where Sanders scored an upset victory in early March—a high point that his campaign hasn’t been able to match in the past couple of months.

At steel plants and pancake breakfasts, Clinton talked about bringing manufacturing jobs back to the state. But exit polls indicated that Sanders was still strongly supported by union households and white voters without a college degree. Polling had Clinton ahead in the state by a couple of points, and though she performed well among Indiana’s African-American voters, several outlets have projected that Sanders won—a much-needed boost after a string of defeats.