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Primary Concerns Episode 24: How to Write a Speech When Democracy’s on the Line

Paul Morigi/Getty Images

If you weren’t hiding under a rock this past week, you know Donald Trump collapsed in the polls, and, in a related fit of pique, suggested the only remedy for conservatives if he loses will be to shoot Hillary Clinton… or maybe he was referring to shooting her Supreme Court nominees? Who can really say?!

The Clinton campaign’s response to this most recent outrage, and to others, has been to stand aside; let Trump self-destruct, and then let sunshine disinfect the body politic. But should they be doing more? How should they communicate to the public that this is an unprecedented danger to our democracy.

As chief speechwriter for President Barack Obama from 2005-2013, Jon Favreau’s  job was to help Obama show without telling. He’ll help us get a handle on the conundrum this poses to Obama, Clinton, and the Democratic Party as a whole. 

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